Avvocato Dean Krebel
Attorney Dean Krebel

Attorney Dean Krebel, owner of the firm, practices primarily internationally.

The firm is primarily oriented towards a foreign clientele, legal entities and individuals from the area of the so-called “MittelEuropa” (Central europe) and the Western Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, and from other Central – Eastern European countries) that work with Italy and need legal assistance.

The firm is also a point of reference for Italian companies operating abroad or planning to create business or strengthen commercial relationships internationally, especially in the Central and Eastern European area.

We have many years of experience representing Italian and foreign companies, as well as individuals, providing advice and assistance and support in the field of import-export, internationalization of companies, investments in various economic sectors (e.g. industry, tourism, real estate market, public and private procurement etc.), international procurement especially in the countries of the Balkan area, cooperating, in addition, with institutions and public bodies, government agencies, banking institutions, insurance companies, trade associations, diplomatic representations etc. of the relevant states.


Our strenghts

The Firm’s strength lies in its knowledge of the legal systems of the countries of the Balkan area, the possibility of assisting the client directly abroad, excellent language skills that allow us to converse in the different languages of the countries from which most of our clients come, an effective network of foreign associates (lawyers, accountants, auditors, etc.), direct relations with the institutions of the relevant countries.