Krebel Law Firm represents foreign companies, as well as foreign nationals, in credit recovery proceedings in Italy both in the extrajudicial phase and in the eventual judicial phase, throughout the country.
At the same time, the Firm assists Italian creditors who have claims against debtors abroad especially those domiciled in countries in the area of the so-called Central Europe or Western Balkans (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, etc.) out of court and in the eventual court phase. The choice of court action abroad depends on the state where the debtor is based or resides (EU or non-EU state) as well as other factors that should be analyzed at the initial stage.
After a careful preliminary analysis of the specific case, an initial opinion is provided to the client regarding the most effective procedure to be brought against the debtor for the recovery of the claim, taking into account the nature of the claim, the value, the evidence supporting the claim, the creditor’s needs, the type of debtor, its size, its solvency, taking into account the principles of private international law (EU regulations, multilateral conventions, Italian system of international private law, etc.). After such an initial analysis of the file, we assess together with the client the concrete prospects for recovery of the debt both in Italy and abroad. Said preliminary investigations have enabled a significant level of recovered receivables for our clients over the years.
The firm assists foreign clients in cases of bankruptcy or other insolvency proceedings at all stages (from the filing of claims to the distribution of assets/payment of creditors).
At the same time, the firm assists/represents receivers and/or court commissioners of Italian bankruptcy proceedings in the recovery of debts abroad.
Krebel Law Firm works mainly between Italy and Central European countries and provides its services in Italian, English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin.