Krebel Law Firm has gained extensive experience representing victims and/or family members of victims of accidents at work in Italy in out-of-court and in-court compensation cases. Over the years, we have handled numerous cases of damages for personal injury (disability) and often even death at work. The relevant files involved Italian citizens or foreign nationals who worked in Italy or abroad (carpenters, construction workers, skilled laborers, truck drivers, etc.).

We assist our clients both in damage compensation practices against those responsible for the accident and/or civilly liable such as the employer, entities responsible for safety, insurance companies obligated to pay damages, etc., as well as in welfare practices aimed at obtaining compensation or annuities from work accident insurance (e.g. INAIL or/and private insurance companies) in favor of the worker or/and his/her family members.

We assist private Italian and foreign citizens involved in traffic accidents occurring in Italy or abroad in the practices of compensation for pecuniary and non pecuniary losses to vehicles and persons (drivers and passengers).

We have an extensive network of external collaborators (technical consultants, expert witnesses, forensic specialists) in Italy and abroad to ascertain responsibility for the claim, as well as to assess and quantify damages.

We represent foreign-based trucking companies, i.e., their drivers, in the case of traffic accidents for compensation for pecuniary losses (e.g. vehicle damage and loss of profit due to vehicle immobilisation) as well as non pecuniary losses (personal injury).

Likewise, the Firm also represents transportation companies in the case of administrative sanctions or criminal proceedings for traffic or customs violations (community license, CEMT, excise, excise taxes, etc.) as well as in the case of traffic accidents, civil liability of the company and driver, etc.

Krebel Law Firm works mainly between Italy and Central European countries and provides its services in Italian, English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin.