We provide assistance to private individuals with reference to the destination of assets after death. The advice takes the specific case as its subject, taking into account the client’s estate, will, heirs, and rules of private international law (EU and non-EU).

We provide support to the client on how to allocate the assets, about the choice of the most suitable legal tool for the specific case (will, trust, etc.), up to assisting the client in drafting the will or trust or specific testamentary clauses, both in accordance with Italian and foreign law.

The law firm specializes in domestic and international probate matters.
In the case of successions with international profiles, the law firm assists both foreign heirs in Italy and Italian heirs abroad. Over the years, the firm has also handled very complex international succession practices due to the presence of numerous heirs, domiciled in different countries-often without any contact with each other or in case of conflict between heirs-with contextual assets both in Italy and abroad, with legal issues in private international law and international taxation, etc.

Krebel Law Firm works mainly between Italy and Central European countries and provides its services in Italian, English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin.