Krebel Law Firm has been assisting Italian and foreign companies in the internationalization process for years. The firm provides legal assistance and advice to foreign companies exporting to Italy as well as to Italian companies doing business with foreign countries, particularly in the area of the so-called Mitteleuropa or Western Balkans.

We provide support and advice to prevent potential issues and risks that may arise in international trade, proposing safe and efficient legal solutions in order to increase business opportunities with foreign customers and consequently the company’s turnover.

We advise already in the early stages of negotiations with potential business partners, proposing the best feasible solutions such as preparing preliminary agreements – memoranda of understanding, letters of intent, etc., including bi/multilingual ones.

We assist clients in the drafting of contracts and deeds (such as international sale, agency, distribution, settlement, surety,guarantee on first demand, , performance bond, etc.), including bi/multilingual ones, taking into account all aspects of private international law such as selection of jurisdiction, applicable law, competent court, provision of arbitration clauses, to the transfer of risk from seller to buyer (Incoterms).

Similarly, we offer the client our advice in analyzing draft contracts in order to assess their legal compliance, highlighting any critical issues, proposing appropriate amendments and/or additions, with introduction of efficient contractual clauses, always looking for safe and innovative solutions, in order to avoid or decrease as much as possible the risks related to foreign trade.

Krebel Law Firm works mainly between Italy and Central European countries and provides its services in Italian, English, Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin.